Shape variations of the healing stones in traditional Chinese medicine

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Forms of healing stones

In traditional Chinese medicine, the nature of the effects of a healing stone is determined by various factors. These are essentially: color, crystal structure, origin, mineral class, trace elements and the shape of the stone. The most common healing stone forms, their effects and applications are shown below.

Rough stones

  • Natural
  • Intense energy
  • Use: flatterers, meditation, commuting, hanging up, gemstone water, improving the room climate

Crystal groups, drusen, almonds

  • Several intergrown crystals result in a crystal group
  • A former cavity that is incompletely filled with a group of crystals is called a druse
  • A cavity completely filled with a group of crystals is called an almond
  • Uses: charging other gemstones, improving the indoor climate


  • Highly energetic
  • Output of the energy via the tip
  • Use: mainly acupressure and application to the body


  • Uses: acupressure, gemstone water, meditative and decorative element


  • Uniform radiation of energy from all sides
  • Positive influence on the body and mind
  • Use: massage, meditation, jewelry item

Tumbled stones

  • Made from rough stones
  • Use: Carry it in your pocket, flatter the hand

Slices and cross sections

  • Healing effect depends on the structure of the discs
  • Use: Apply to the body

Donuts or pi slices

  • Perforated washers
  • Use: as jewelry on the wrist or neck, to be placed on the body

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